Drug innovation and Biological screening of Natural Products

Organic Synthesis is a compound creating activity repeatedly focused on  biologically active small molecules. Over a century chemists and biologists have been exploring the functions of small molecules in living systems. Methods require the genetic engineering of model systems whereas modern organic synthesis is playing progressively prominent role. Modern classifications include, but are not limited to, screening in cell lines utilizing very modern techniques (a high content screen) that are designed to show interactions within cells when treated with an "agent". In 1990s, the pharmaceutical industries used the high-throughput screening of chemicals against potential targets was highlight though in parallel, screening of natural product diminished. 

  • Track 1-1 Single Chemical Entities
  • Track 2-2 High-Throughput Technologies
  • Track 3-3 Rise activity against the chosen target
  • Track 4-4 Diminish activity against unrelated targets
  • Track 5-5 Natural compounds in development of condition based treatments

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