Scope of Pharmacology

Pharmacology is the study of substances that interact with living organisms through chemical processes, by binding to regulatory molecules and stimulating normal body processes. Scope is an area in which something Acts or Operates or Controls with the subject. There are three phases in drug development; drug discovery phase, preclinical phase, clinical trial phase. The scope of pharmacology is rapidly expanding and provides the rational basis for the therapeutic use of the drug. Usually some sort of biological screen is used to select among organic compounds for optimum pharmacological activity.

  • Track 1-1 Invitro and Invivo studies
  • Track 2-2 Stages of drug development
  • Track 3-3 Scientific understanding of drugs
  • Track 4-4 Recent advances and related sciences
  • Track 5-5 Recent advances and related sciences
  • Track 6-6 Drug nomenclature
  • Track 7-7 Pharmacovigilance

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