Speaker Biography

Diana Marie Dummer

Independent Consultant at Natural Products Industry, USA

Title: Can You Pronounce It? Natural Compounds in Daily Life are Better Alternatives to Synthetic Ones

Diana Marie Dummer


The presentation will focus on natural medicines:  Plant Medicine, Natural Supplements, and Organic Foods.  Daily management and prevention for acute and chronic conditions will be addressed.  The presentation includes informative slides, a pronunciation of ”Notice This on Labels” lesson, and a Smile-For-Health Session.

The advantages to natural compounds vs. synthetic ones will be discussed.  This will include the simple, non-invasive and effective non-toxic use of natural compounds for nutritional support and whole body maintenance.  Emphasis will be placed on the effective, accessible, economical, and safe use, with minimal interactions, of these natural compounds vs. synthetic ones; safe for humankind, animals, water, earth and air.

Specific examples of herbal medicines and supplements for the following common ailments will be included:  Inflammatory conditions, digestive and respiratory disorders, mental health maladies and stress. 

Additional measures will be emphasized:  The 5 Best Daily Natural Medicines for maintenance and prevention.  The presentation concludes with A Smile Session.