Speaker Biography

Deanna Callahan

Founder & CEO at Root Essential, USA

Title: Cannabis Medicine Enters an Era Of Legitimacy.

Deanna Callahan

Deanna founded Root Essential, a consulting firm that provides compliance and permitting guidance, IP and product development services to companies in the commercial cannabis industry. Prior to founding Root Essential, Deanna led a multimillion-dollar cannabis extraction lab in the role of Chief Production Officer. In this role, Deanna oversaw production and quality control of medicinal cannabis products as well as a non-profit branch of the company, that provided medicine to patients with cancer or in remission at no cost. Through this experience, Deanna gained valuable insight into the extraction methods utilized in the production of medicinal cannabis products and the experiences of patients treating their ailments with those products. In the last seven years, Deanna has also served in roles ranging from cultivator of cannabis to patient caregiver, providing guidance in dosage, administration and therapeutic treatment of patient ailments through cannabis medicine.


The purpose of this presentation is to provide insight into the production of medicinal cannabis consumer products and the therapeutic applications of those products. The presentation will focus on products and patients in the California medical cannabis market. In the presentation, a high level overview will be provided, describing the process of developing consumer cannabis products, from cannabis extraction techniques through to product development and the therapeutic applications of those products. The compliance measures responsible operators must take, in order to protect public safety, will be highlighted throughout.

The presentation will describe the processes used in the development of concentrated tinctures, capsules, vaporizer pens, suppositories and infused foods. These processes include; extracting cannabinoids from cannabis plant material, refining the resulting concentrated cannabis oils, and formulating and infusing consumer products. Specific cannabis extraction techniques discussed in the presentation will include; steam distillation of cannabis essential oils, extraction of cannabinoids through use of ethanol as a solvent, extraction of cannabinoids using butane as a solvent, refinement techniques including winterization, filtration, purging, rotary evaporation, distillation using a molecular still, and terpene infusion. Other processes discussed include primary and secondary packaging of cannabis products. Finally, the therapeutic applications of these products will be described at a high level. Therapeutic applications to be discussed include; the use of cannabis products in the treatment of, rheumatoid arthritis and other auto-immune disorders, chemotherapy symptoms in cancer patients, epilepsy and seizure disorders, chronic pain and even drug addiction.