Speaker Biography

Nial DeMena

CEO, Manna Molecular Science, USA

Title: Practical considerations in product commercialization using natural cannabinoids

Nial DeMena

Starting in 2012, Nial C. DeMena founded several successful cannabis related enterprises, including but not limited to, most notably, Manna Molecular Science, a biotechnology company formed in Massachusetts in 2015 that focuses on new delivery technologies in cannabis therapeutics using novel automated 3d printers. In one full year of commercial operations, Manna Molecular Science is selling thousands of transdermal patches in seven states and has deals to expand operations into three more as well as internationally. He has horizontally shifted the expertise of former scientists of prominent academic and commercial fame from the pharmaceutical transdermal industry into cannabis under his direction at Manna.



Transdermal delivery system is defined as self-contained, discrete dosage forms which, when applied to intact skin deliver the drugs through the skin at a controlled rate into systemic circulation.

The Stratum  Corneum,  the  first  strata  of  skin,  comprises  approximately  10-25  layers  of  dead,  flattened,  occlusive  skin  cells  comprised  of  Keratin  with  protein  deposits,  e.g.  corneocytes, that  pose  the  rate-limiting  step  in  percutaneous  absorption  for  Transdermal  drugs. The product composition of Cannabis evolved medicines are medicated adhesive, solid state matrix, backing film, adhesive, drug or API, functional excipients, release liner. However, the process of manufacturing of Cannabis evolved medicines are Standardization through compound in Standard Procedures.