Speaker Biography

Ping Chin Lee

Associate Professor, Universiti Malaysia Sabah

Title: Anti-Parasitic Activity of Malaysian Fern

Ping Chin Lee


Gleichenia truncate (Willd.) is a fern and is known for its traditional used to alleviate fever among the indigenous communities in Asia.  This study evaluated the crude extracts of this fern for anti-parasitic activity. The leaves of G. truncate were collected and grounded a powder.  It was then soaked overnight in 99.9% (v/v) methanol, at a ratio of 1:5 (v/v). The extracts were filtered and concentrated using a rotary evaporator to yield concentrated crude methanolic extract of the plant. The crude methanolic extract was tested on growth inhibitory assay using Plasmodium falciparum, an agent causing malaria. We have used a murine malarial infection model to perform the assay. G. truncate methanolic extract showed growth inhibitory activity against the parasite P. falciparum. Further fractionation and purification of the extract had suggested the presence of p-coumaric acid methyl ester. The finding provide scientific basis for the

ethnomedicinal use of G. truncate to treat malaria.